Saturday, May 4, 2013

Schizzi da Mattina

Well, since I'm playing with gin and vermuth nowdays, I came up a really-really light cocktail, probably it has less alcohol in it than a glass of beer. I named it "Morning Spatter" 'cause it's so light, you can slurp it any time of the day(it was perfect with my bacon and turn-over eggs). There's no way it hits you, unless you are really sensitive to alcohol... But it gives you a nice spicy-herbal vermuth taste, that's not your ordinary lemonade.
So here it goes: take your Old fashioned glass, put a thick slice of lemon on the bottom, some ice, 2cl(or 1/2oz) dry vermuth, fill up with club soda.
If you like it even more lighter, or smoother you can use a bigger glass, with more soda.
Also the name is italian, 'cause vermuth is mostly made in Italy.

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