Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ikarusz bus conversion

So I was watching this video about an american schoolbus conversion:
And my immediate thought was, that the Ikarusz bus, that was made in Hungary back in the socialist era is much more suitable, because it is made as a travel bus, so it has huge luggage space, where i can put some water tank, or extra diesel tank, or a cooking oil filtering system(diesel engines were made to run on veg oils back in the day, so with some tinkering, it can be easily converted to run on frying oil.)
The VW transporter on the top is an amazing idea, i would also install water collection. 
The best would be the Ikarusz 250 series, i know they were produced in large scale, so they are cheap, and available, they were exported everywhere from Egypt to Siberia, and if taken care of, they are indestructible. 11m long (36ft) so the livable area would be around 30-40m2 which is a normal, lofty space for 1-2 person.

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