Thursday, May 30, 2013

My JARVIS themed desktop makover

So the other day I watched Ironman 3 and I got carried away with the amazing visual effects of JARVIS' interfaces(onboard the armor and onscreen). I knew that windows interfaces are highly available for personalization, but I always used readily available versions. I only changed some colors, icon sizes and such minor stuff. So I decided to turn my windows desktop into JARVIS. The only problem, is that my desktop was a chaos with dozens of program icons, videoclips, project scetches of DIY and digital, notpad files filled with chatlogs, one-liners, "thoughtbubbles", and whatever you can imagine. Basically I kept everything no more than 6 clicks away from the desktop. Jarvis is a highly structured interface that does not allow such chaotic structure, so I grouped, rearranged, deleted, and I found a skin builder program called Rainmeter, and started the whole stuff from semi-scratch. First i downloaded some sort of package that had a lot of "widgets" you can use. I found one that looked pretty cool on the previews, and it turned out, I have to program each element, and since I'm not a code-ninja, it took some time to figure out what is what(basic coding knowledge is enough), and then, about 4 hours later I had my buttons and fastlinks and stuff ready. The only thing I needed is a super-awesome background for my interface, so it would really look like JARVIS. As always Photoshop, and Google are my friends, so I downloaded some pictures, and jigsawed a background for myself. So I ended up with 2 sets of 6 buttons(all point to programs) and on the clock(the smaller dial) there are 7 buttons for folder links, and 6 weblinks. Also I have RAM usage, processor usage, battery usage, weather, date and the clock monitors as well as a set of turn-off, restart and logout buttons. It looks awesome, neat and really clean compared to the chaotic stuff I had before:

I give you my background in downloadable jpeg and the psd with layers, in case you want to modify it:


Note: the frame was originally a part of the skin and not the background, but I found it really annoying that the taskbar and various stuff popped up behind it, making them almost impossible to click them, so I put it in the background picture 'cause it has no other function than visual.

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